A Cottage


( December 2008 )

This is a quick sketch of someone else’s painting.


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Christmas Polar Bear

polar bear

( December 2007 )

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A Village in Africa


I painted this for a friend in Africa.

( Sometime in 2008 )

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Sandhill Crane


I made this painting for a teacher at my school, who substituted for two months. The paints didn’t work like oil paints are supposed to.  I was inspired to do sandhill cranes by the background on my art teacher’s computer.  My Mom says that this sandhill crane looks like a Pepsi bird.

( January 2009 )

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Lone Cypress

Lone Cypress for blog

This is my third oil painting. I took a class, and we painted it from a photograph. The cypress tree is looked at  from one angle and the mountains from another.  My art teacher says that that is artistic license.

( October 2008 )

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Spaghetti Ostrich


We had just finished eating spaghetti for dinner, and I was the last one at the table and had a couple of noodles left. With the couple of noodles, I cut up a couple for the short pieces, and the rest I just moved into place with my fork. I never once touched the sphaghetti noodles with my hand, just my fork.

(My little brother and sister make food shapes out of bread. They bite the bread into the shape of the states they know–Oklahoma, Idaho, Florida–the ones that have unique shapes.)

( July 2008 )

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Hannah Hippotana

Hannah Hippotana

Oops! I didn’t mean to write Hananah, I meant to write Hannah.

This drawing is for the Lingamish Hippo Doodling Contest.

( July 28, 2008 )

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