War Dog Monument

dog monument

( June 2008 )

This is a national monument in remembrance of war dogs. Our library had a project where we had to draw a picture of a national monument. I was wondering if there was a national monument that was an animal, and then I found this one. I decided I wanted to do it for my library project.

(Our scanner is not working very well, so my pictures are turning out staticky)


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    Janliya said,

    I love your war-dog monument! His proud head … and is that a medal he is wearing around his neck. Or is “he” a “she”? I see some of the names were girls. I’m not sure my Jandy would be brave enough, but she probably would enjoy the bit about sniffing out booby traps, or exploring caves. What a wonderful idea to do an animal for your project. How did it go? – I’m sure you deserve a prize!

  2. 2

    Thanks Janliya! He is actually a boy. His name is Kurt, and the monument is life size. I’m really not sure if he’s wearing a medal or not.

    It went good at the library and every one who turned in the paper got a little something. I only turned in a copy of my drawing and kept the original, don’t tell, wink 😉 wink


  3. 3

    cwhiteacre said,

    Your website is very nice. I made your Africa huts my screen saver. I hope to follow your work for a long time.

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