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Sunburned Hippo

sunburned hippo

I did another lingapotamus hippo picture inspired by my brother, who got VERY sunburned this week at the beach.

June 2008


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Hippo Family Visiting North Pole

hippo family visiting north pole

Another picture I made for my friend’s Lingapotamus activity.

The penguin picture came from National Geographic’s Photo of the Day for today
( June 10, 2008 )

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Hippos Falling in Love

hippos in love

I have always liked doing art on the computer. I like to take pictures from online or pictures that I’ve taken myself (or drawn myself) and put them on Publisher and change their background and maybe put them in a scene that makes people think and use their imagination about what is happening.

I found out that one of my friends was doing this website activity where he gave a picture of a hippo (the yellow one with the designs) and we had to put it in a scene or change how it looked or just make a fancy background around it. I decided that I would make the hippo falling in love with a big, muscular hippo. I found the picture of the strong hippo with Google images).

June 2008

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