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On the Run


June 2008

This is my favorite manga I’ve drawn in a while. I don’t really know why, but I just like her. In the book, she was flying, but I decided that I should draw her running, because it wouldn’t really look like she was flying unless I drew a bunch of poofy clouds or space rocks and such around her, which are very difficult to draw realistically.


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Dream Girl


May 2008

I call her Dream Girl, because I just think she looks like she is dreaming. I got her out of a How to Draw Manga book our friend let me borrow. This was probably the easiest manga I have ever drawn.

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I was working on getting Jasimine’s hair and body right. The hands were definitely the hardest part.

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I was drawing Ariel, but then I decided to do Jasmine’s body. Still, the hands are the hardest part.

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My Naughty Little Sister


March 2008

I drew this picture of my little sister scribbling all over me (and herself), because she actually does color a lot of things she shouldn’t with markers, crayons and pencils. She also causes mischief with scissors. 

I drew the two people that are colored in. But, the person on the right is exactly what I’m talking about! When I left my picture on the counter, my little sister drew a third person! Then she said that her picture was of our Mom being mad at her for coloring where she wasn’t supposed to.

And after all that, I still love her.

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Little Princess

little princess

March 2008

The face shape in this picture is based on Tinker Bell. The hairĀ and eyes areĀ also based on Tinker Bell.

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Test Time


March 2008

The bulldog is our school mascot, so I traced him and made him asking if he had heard someone say fCAT (which is actually the standardized test we take every year here in Florida). I also put two girls at their desks taking the test.

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