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A Cottage


( December 2008 )

This is a quick sketch of someone else’s painting.


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A Village in Africa


I painted this for a friend in Africa.

( Sometime in 2008 )

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Lone Cypress

Lone Cypress for blog

This is my third oil painting. I took a class, and we painted it from a photograph. The cypress tree is looked at  from one angle and the mountains from another.  My art teacher says that that is artistic license.

( October 2008 )

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Second Oil Painting


This was my second oil painting. It was really fun learning how to paint water. Did you know you paint the reflection before the water? When I was painting I imagined roling down the hill and falling in the water. SPLASH!

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First Oil Painting


 This was my first oil painting. I learned a lot ,and got to know my teacher very well. 

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