Christmas Hippo

Hippopotamus for Christmas

This was also drawn for theĀ  Lingamish Hippo Doodling Contest

Inspired by the Song, “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” as sung by Gail Peevy. You can listen to the song on You Tube.

( July 28, 2008 )


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Run Baby, Run!

hippo running on the riverbank

Also drawn for the Hippo Doodling Contest on Lingamish

( July 28, 2008 )

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War Dog Monument

dog monument

( June 2008 )

This is a national monument in remembrance of war dogs. Our library had a project where we had to draw a picture of a national monument. I was wondering if there was a national monument that was an animal, and then I found this one. I decided I wanted to do it for my library project.

(Our scanner is not working very well, so my pictures are turning out staticky)

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Old Ostrich


( June 2008 )

My friend brought a book to our house called Animalia by Graeme Base. All the pictures are really pretty, and I decided to draw the O page, of an Ostrich. The O sentence was “One Outrageous Old Ostrich Ordering Onion Omelettes”

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Kitty Playing with Butterflies


( June 2008 )

I wanted an avatar for when I left comments on other people’s websites, so I drew my own. It may not work, though, because it is too tiny, so that is why I put it on my website, too.

My favorite butterfly is the one just above the cat’s tail that has flames on the bottom of its wings.

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On the Run


June 2008

This is my favorite manga I’ve drawn in a while. I don’t really know why, but I just like her. In the book, she was flying, but I decided that I should draw her running, because it wouldn’t really look like she was flying unless I drew a bunch of poofy clouds or space rocks and such around her, which are very difficult to draw realistically.

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Dream Girl


May 2008

I call her Dream Girl, because I just think she looks like she is dreaming. I got her out of a How to Draw Manga book our friend let me borrow. This was probably the easiest manga I have ever drawn.

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